Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Technolink Snaphost October 2018

We are celebrating Manufacturing Month this October
by featuring insights from a couple of our members. 

This summer, Donn Silberman, Technical Services Manager for Starrett Kinemetric Engineering (SKE) in Laguna Hills, CA, successfully completed leading his second Starrett Technician Training Workshop.
While these workshops are currently targeted to be repeated and improved upon each year, SKE now has 22 trained technicians who are employed by SKE partners and work in concert with the SKE Factory Technicians. This new service business model parallels and works in conjunction with the Starrett Factory Sales Team (Product Specialists). Now both Factory Sales and Service Teams work closely with our Distributors’ Sales and Service Teams to build strong relationships with our end user customers.
Starrett Kinemetric Engineering designs, manufactures and sells Optical Comparators and Advanced Vision Metrology Systems for measuring dimensions of complex manufactured parts for industries across the globe. These include medical devices, aerospace, telecommunications, packaging and much more. Services include installing, calibrating and repairing these systems, as well as training end user customers to obtain the most productivity from these modern machines.

Training and educating staff, partners and end users is a key function of the SKE Technical Services Team. In addition to  traditional hands-on in person in the user’s lab or a specific training facility, Starrett now offers remote over the internet training and technical assistance where a trainer can access a student’s system (from anywhere in the world) and, together, they can go step-by-step through detailed instruction to get to the desired result of the specific technical application. This teaching model is being expanded with more innovations to come. To learn more, click 


CMTC announces Manufacturing Day on Friday, October 5! 
California manufacturers will open their doors with the aim to inspire our young people to pursue careers in manufacturing and engineering.  For a full list of participants and events, click 

A Technolink supporter, CMTC
 is a non-profit organization that serves as a trusted advisor to manufacturers by providing solutions to grow both their businesses and the California economy.
“California’s Manufacturing Network”, formed and managed by California Manufacturing Technology Consulting (CMTC),  is a collaboration of more than 20 manufacturing-focused partners that augment CMTC’s services. The combined services are aimed at delivering a broad range of technical assistance to Small and Medium-Sized Manufacturers (SMMs) in both urban and rural areas statewide.
The Network’s mission is to generate a positive financial impact for manufacturers and the California economy. The Network offers a variety of services including:
  • On site workforce training and/or center-based workforce training
  • Consulting and coaching to improve manufacturing costs and productivity
  • Growth services to drive new products, markets, and customers
  • Assistance with industry-specific challenges
The Network measures its performance from financial impacts realized and satisfaction ratings reported via client surveys conducted by a third party. The Network is an efficient way for CMTC to bring added capability and capacity to serve manufacturers statewide, especially in rural and underserved regions.
California’s Manufacturing Network is the “Go-To” organization supporting small and medium-sized manufacturers throughout California by generating significantly more financial impact for their clients and for the State of California.
CMTC is one of fifty-one Centers across the nation in the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) National Network which is part of the U.S. Government’s effort to develop and deploy technology, management and technical expertise for SMMs focused on improving their productivity and global competitiveness.  For more information, click 

photo courtesy CMTC blog