Thursday, February 6, 2020

Technolink Snapshot February 2020

Dear Technolink Community,

Happy February! Let's celebrate all of the great things that are happening in our community with many more advancements to share ahead. 2020 is going to be an exciting year with the theme, "Creating a Legacy for the Future." Our snapshots will feature efforts by Technolink members who are demonstrating that initiative in all they do.
Please enjoy hearing from this month's insightful contributors: Lt. General Larry James of JPL, Kevin McDonald of Alvaka Networks, and Jim Watson of CMTC.
We encourage you to think about the legacy that you are creating.
With heartfelt appreciation,

Ssusan Forte O'Neill
Editor and Co-founder,
 Technolink Association

Members Shaping the Future

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena not only explores our solar system and its planets, but examines the smallest components in our universe with fundamental physics experiments.  "One of our recent missions is the Cold Atom Lab (CAL) currently flying on the International Space Station (ISS)," reports Lt. General Larry James, Technolink member and Deputy Director of JPL. "CAL is utilizing laser cooling to study ultra-cold quantum gases in the microgravity environment of the ISS.  CAL will produce clouds of ultra-cooled atoms called Bose-Einstein condensates. Chilled to a fraction of a degree above absolute zero --  even colder than the average temperature of deep space -- the atoms in a BEC demonstrate quantum characteristics at relatively large size scales, allowing researchers to explore this strange domain."  There are three Nobel Prize winning Principal Investigators directing this experiment.  For more details, please click here
"The sheer numbers and damage from Ransomware are no longer something you can avoid," writes Technolink member Kevin McDonald, COO and CISO of Alvaka Networks. "If you don’t already know someone with a ransomware horror story, it is very likely that you soon will. Ransomware is growing and most often strikes when you are least able to defend against it." Read Kevin McDonald's important article about ransomware and how to protect against it now. Click here
Technolink member Jim Watson, CEO and President of CMTC, just wrapped up a successful series of 2019 events to provide relevant information to small and medium-sized manufacturers throughout California about technology integration. As part of its Made in California Program, CMTC teamed up with the Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs) around the state to host a series of innovative Technology Showcase and Access to Capital Seminars for Small and Medium-Sized Manufacturers (SMMs). CMTC is partnering with the SBDC California network to foster the deployment of technology that will improve the productivity and global competitiveness of SMMs. The seminars were a perfect blend of technology followed by financing options organized to inspire incorporation of technology into a business. For a listing of the 30 manufacturing conferences in 2020, visit CMTC.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Technolink Snapshot November 2019

Dear Technolink Community Member,

With Thanksgiving at the end of this month, abundance becomes our spotlight once again. We are grateful to all of you for shaping the Technolink community into such a unique and inspirational hub for cutting-edge innovators across multiple sectors throughout Southern California...with a reach that extends far beyond.
On that note, I'd like to welcome Aaron Anderson and Brenden Monahan, co-Founders of Vusar, to Technolink. Vusar has recently launched their immersive visualization tool which enables teams to collaborate on product designs through the use of augmented reality. We are honored to have a submission from Aaron Anderson, CEO,  for this month's snapshot.
We are also pleased to hear from Donn Silberman who reports on the tenth anniversary of the Optical Engineering and Optical Instrument Design Programs at UC Irvine. Charles Ostman, in response to our October Snapshot, reminds us that "what appears to be the future for many, is already the past for some, who are now unfolding it into the present."
Please enjoy hearing from this month's insightful contributors.

With heartfelt appreciation, 

Ssusan Forte O'Neill
Editor and Co-founder,
 Technolink Association

Members Shaping the Future

Aaron Anderson, CEO of Vusar, fills us in on the impact of augmented reality (AR) on the future of design. Vusar is an immersive visualization tool enables teams to collaborate on product designs throughout the product development lifecycle through the use of augmented reality.  Recently launched, Vusar allows for the viewing of designs at true scale through mobile devices, bringing designs into the real world for review in a more immersive manner. Vusar is available for download on Android and iOS.
Read Anderson's essay,  "Designing the Future," here.
Learn more at
Donn Silberman, Technolink Sponsor and Founding Director of the Optics Institute of Southern California, started the Optical Engineering and Optical Instrument Design Programs at UC Irvine 10 years ago and they have grown stronger ever since. Over the years, they have added new courses, new instructors, received awards and honors and had many students complete their studies, receive their certificates and get promoted in their current companies or get new jobs using their new skills.  These programs were established to fill industry needs for workers with the requisite skills and to date there have been the following numbers of students in the two programs:
Optical Engineering:  62 Graduates; 23 Candidates
Optical Instrument Design: 17 Graduates; 9 Candidates
More students have taken one or more courses without declaring their candidacy for a certificate. Recently, an article was written about the programs by Kathy Seaton Tam, the communications specialist for the Dean of Continuing Education and Vice Provost of Career Pathways at the UC Irvine Division of Continuing Education and was published in Photonics Spectra magazine.
Please click here to read the article.
For more information about the Optical Engineering and Optical Instrument Design Program at UCI,
 please watch this Informational Session webinar

Charles Ostman, a long time member of Technolink and a senior fellow at the Institute for Global Futures, wrote in after reading Doug Finke's piece on Quantum Computing. Ostman has spent over 25 years working in the fields of electronics, physics, computers, artificial intelligence, and most recently, various aspects of applied and theoretical Nanotechnology. Ostman agrees that quantum tech is becoming the most significant evolutionary catalyst ever encountered. "In our emergent future history, quantum computing  is much more than merely a 'faster' computer. " says Ostman,  "As I see it, we are stepping into uncharted territory, in which the human species here on earth is being morphed into a symbiotic co-evolutionary relationship with non-human forms of 'intelligence', enhancements, and systems which behave biologically." The task now is to visualize how this quantum tech fits into the larger framework of emergent (and irreversible) changes for which there is no known precedent.
Please visit Charles Ostman's website here

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Technolink Snapshot October 2019

Thank you for joining us for another insightful forum! All of the presentations on Abundance and Optimism in Society were an enriching way to mark the 25th year of Technolink. 

As we shared during our meeting, many wonderful links have taken place. Most recently, our rich Technolink conversations have spawned a new Apprenticeship/Internship program between Irvine Valley College and Alvaka Networks. Guy Ronen, CEO of Reasonings LTD reflects on data security and Doug Finke, Publisher of the Quantum Computing Report shares news of an important Quantum Computing event with Dr. Barbara Jones of IBM.

We share below the forum presentations of Lt. General Larry James, Brian Keith and Lee Krevat.

With heartfelt appreciation, 

Ssusan Forte O'Neill
Editor and Co-founder,
 Technolink Association

Members Shaping the Future

Answering the Call for Action
During the spring 2019 Technolink forum, honest conversations about the state of education in the United States took place.  Kevin McDonald of Alvaka Networks expressed skepticism about working with College Intern Programs which immediately sparked a challenge for the executives from Irvine Valley College (IVC) in attendance.
Given industry cries and expression of concerns over the “lack of qualified workers,” why are community colleges so slow to respond?  Knowing that the most successful employees had good mentors and work experience in the form of internships/apprenticeships as part of their college experience, why are there so few opportunities for on-the-job training?  Lastly, why does our society struggle to develop public-private partnerships that benefit students, colleges, and our industry partners?
The representatives from IVC, part of the Southern Orange County Community College District (SOCCCD) expressed their genuine desire to understand Alvaka’s needs and, thanks to thoughtful collaboration over the months to follow, a new partnership structure has been developed for compensating student workers and sharing liability.  As part of the internship program, students will enroll in a Cooperative Work Experience (CWE) course, which will allow for collaboration between IVC faculty and Alvaka personnel.  IVC faculty will provide support and guidance to students during their internship placement and Alvaka personnel will provide feedback on the students’ performance and make suggestions for curriculum development and improvement.
“The SOCCD and IVC representatives were a genuine pleasure to work with and we are thrilled to have been a part of developing such an elegant solution," says Kevin McDonald. “We hope that thousands of students and the companies that help propel them forward benefit immensely from this exciting new vision for college internship programs.”   To succeed, kids need a plan for lifelong learning and continued skill development. IVC’s partnership with Alvaka will serve as the model for future collaborations between the college and other industry partners.
To learn more about Irvine Valley College,  click here.
To learn more about Alvaka Networks, click here.
Guy Ronen, CEO of Reasonings LTD writes in this month with a thought piece about our vast amount of data and the protection of privacy. "Many communities across the western world are now at a crossroads: The growing spread of technologies, including AI, Big Data, IoT, and Machine Learning, changes many “old school” rules and responsibilities. The spread of these technologies – most of which are civilian, could create data breaches and lead to backdoor threats for different communities."
Read the full article here
For those of you interested in learning more about what’s in store for quantum computing, Doug Finke, Technolink member and publisher of the Quantum Computing Report,  informs us that the Southern California Quantum Computing Meetup group along with the Innovate Pasadena organization and others will be hosting a session on October 15th from 6-8 PM in Pasadena.  The guest speakers will be Dr. Barbara Jones from the IBM Almaden Research Center and Dr. Mark Jackson from Cambridge Quantum Computing, a leading quantum computing software startup.  For more information and to register, please view the event website. Click here

Fall Forum Presentation Slides 

Lt. General Larry James
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
"JPL - Enhancing Our Lives at the Frontiers of Science"


Brian Keith
United States Department of
Homeland Security
"The Convergence of Cyber, Drone and Physical Security Threats: Insights to a Culture of Resilient


Lee Krevat
Krevat Energy Innovations
"The Utility of the Future: Your city, your community, your garage or your car?"


Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Remembering September 11

Dear Technolink Community Member,

In remembrance of 9/11, we give thanks to our nation of first responders for their service -- today and every day. We are grateful for the recent health care changes and the signing of the “The Never Forget the Heroes” law on July 29, 2019, that extends the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund.

Observe a moment of silence on September 11 to thank our fallen heroes, our military, and first responders for their sacrifice and service. 

I am so thankful for our community.
With warm regards, 

Ssusan Forte O'Neill
Editor and Co-founder,
 Technolink Association

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Technolink Snapshot September 2019

Dear Technolink Community Member,

September represents the abundance that comes from the richness of the American community. It is especially significant due to the heroic events of our first responders on September 11th and the outpouring of love and support in every community in the days and weeks that followed.
We are very fortunate to have a preview of insights from two of our distinguished speakers at this year's fall forum: Dr. Tony Beliz of Beliz & Associates presents the subject of awareness and safety;  and Doug Finke of the Quantum Computing Report presents the underpinnings of quantum computing and why it is so important to everyone. In addition, Jim Watson of CMTC reminds us to mark our calendars for National Manufacturing Day on October 4th!

Thank you for your continued support of our Technolink community. 

Ssusan Forte O'Neill
Editor and Co-founder,
 Technolink Association

Members Shaping the Future

Technolink member, Dr. Tony Beliz, is a licensed clinical and forensic psychologist who consults to private and public educational institutions, security firms, and global corporations on risk assessment, risk management, and special circumstances. Dr. Beliz is also an Instructor at the University of Southern California Sol Price School of Public Policy, Safe Communities Initiative. In advance of our October forum, Dr. Tony Beliz shares his insights with his article, "Isonection: A 21st Century Virus."
Click here to read the article.
For those trying to understand what quantum computing is all about, Technolink member Doug Finke, Publisher and Managing Editor of Quantum Computing Report, has written an article titled “How to Explain Quantum to Your Classical Friends”. It provides ten key concepts that will help you better understand some of the fundamental "hows" and "whys" of quantum.
Click here to read the article.

Manufacturing Day is October 4!

Technolink member Jim Watson, CEO and President of CMTC, is proud to share their active participation in, and promotion of, Manufacturing Day since its inception in 2012.   On Friday, October 4, 2019, manufacturers across California and the nation will open their doors to participate in Manufacturing Day events, kicking off a series of activities throughout the month of October.
This year, CMTC and its California’s Manufacturing Network are sponsoring, organizing and coordi
nating events statewide. This annual celebration gives small- and medium-sized manufacturers (SMMs) the chance to showcase their facilities and career opportunities to students, educators, elected officials and the media. Throughout the state, visitors will learn about real job opportunities, career paths, training and available industry resources.
CMTC is committed to pairing up schools wishing to attend Manufacturing Day events with manufacturers and other organizations hosting open houses, career fairs, and expos.
For further information, please visit