Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Technolink Fall 2018 Presidents' Forum Presentations

Thank you for joining us at the Technolink Presidents' Club Fall 2018 Forum.  We spent the day sharing friendly, thought-provoking conversations exploring the transformational shift in business and the workplace. 

We will come together again for our annual Spring Forum on Tuesday, March 26 at the Athenaeum Club at Caltech. 

Some of the forum presentations are included below for your viewing. 

Thank you for making Technolink such a rich and inspiring community!  May we continue to share the gift of kindness with all throughout this harvest and Thanksgiving season.

Mag Powell-Meeks
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Exploring the Transformational Shift in Business & the Workplace
Steve Gitlin
Aerovironment, Inc.
How to Leverage Technology Resources to Develop Value Proposition to Our Customers
Kent Peterson
P2S Inc.
Decarbonizing the Energy Grid"
Yaron Gamburg
International Affairs Specialist

Geopolitical Situation Briefing
Yaron Gamburg

Middle East Briefing
Terry O'Neill
The O'Neill Company
Global Economic Forecast"