Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Technolink Snapshot May 2018

Snapshot News from Technolink Members 

Technolink Supporting Member AeroVironment is the leading supplier of Unmanned Aircraft Systems, or drones, to the United States Department of Defense and to more than 40 allies, and a leader in testing and charging systems for electric vehicle development and operation.

On March 6, the Company announced its largest-ever international contract for small Unmanned Aircraft Systems.  The
$44.5 million contract with the government of a nation in the Middle East reflects strong international demand for the Company’s family of hand-launched UAS, including the Puma AE system with its Mantis i45 sensor suite.  AeroVironment’s small UAS, equipped with advanced sensors, can be carried by troops and deployed within 5 minutes to stream live video from the sky to their operators from up to 10 kilometers away.  The company also delivers its tube-launched Switchblade® Tactical Missile Systems to the U.S. Army to help soldiers protect themselves from enemy attacks in a more precise manner than ever before.

AeroVironment recently began selling its
Quantix hybrid drone and Decision Support System (DSS) to help farmers gain an information advantage in their continuous battle against weather, pests and other uncertainties that can affect their crops.  The Company also announced recently that it had entered into a joint venture with SoftBank Corp. to develop and demonstrate solar-powered High Altitude Pseudo Satellites (HAPS) that could one-day deliver broadband connectivity from the stratosphere to customers across the globe.

In its Efficient Energy business, nine global automakers have selected AeroVironment’s
electric vehicle charging systems as the preferred solutions for their plug-in electric vehicles.  The company’s newest EV charging systems conform to European and Chinese safety standards to support drivers around the world as they switch to cleaner, more efficient electric mobility solutions.

AeroVironment’s people strive to deliver the actionable intelligence customers need to proceed with certainty.