Friday, September 1, 2017

Technolink Snapshot September 2017

Snapshot News from Technolink Members


When you think of Alvaka Networks’ Advanced Network Management and Cyber Security firm led by CEO and President Oli Thordarson, you might imagine a room lined with large computer screens beaming systems health monitoring and alerting information. You can picture highly intelligent people solving computer problems for companies and individuals around the globe. The image of these super pros preventing systems failures, recovering down networks and helping frustrated computer users is totally understandable. Those Alvaka professionals might be defending network, rescuing IT hostages or even hunting cyber bad guys.  Well, if you are imagining this, you would be 100% right. Oli Thordarson has been successfully leading his company in doing just that for the past 34 years.

Now, imagine that former engineer turned technology business leader is a race car driver and a really good one at that? Imagine that during racing season he travels the country pulling behind him his winning car known as Alvaka Networks’ Thorvette! Once he arrives with his pit crew, and gets all set up, he walks the miles long track to understand its nuances? Now ready to compete, he climbs into the wrapped fiberglass hull of a Z06 Corvette and wins nationally sanctioned races going at speeds of 150 plus miles an hour? Oli is currently racing towards locking in the Trans Am Western States TA3 title at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, TX in November, to repeat his TT2 title with NASA at Thunderhill in October, and throw down his best effort in September at the SCCA Runoffs at Indy.If you want to drive your car on a race track, click here for the Alvaka sponsored Speed and Feed. 


Ron Williams, CEO of Talon Companies, advises businesses and homeowners  to prepare for a rise in crime due to recent changes in California laws.  In May 2011, AB-109 was passed, realigning the California prison count by sentencing certain felony offenders to county jail rather than state prison and virtually eliminating parole supervision. County jails, already overcrowded, began releasing “low level offenders” in order to accommodate the misguided directive.In November 2014 as the shock waves from AB-109 were still reverberating, voters in California passed Proposition 47, a ballot measure to reclassify many drug and property felonies as misdemeanors.
The horrible result of these laws has been an unprecedented increase in crime. In Los Angeles through August 2015, violent crime increased 20% for the same period in 2014. Property crime was up 11% and shooting victims was up by 27%. In San Francisco, violent crime was up 13%, and property crime was up 22%. Crime statistics all across California rose significantly.
So, what are businesses and home owners to do in order to combat these predators that now roam our streets undeterred by threat of arrest and going to jail? Talon Shield recommends for a security risk vulnerability assessment to be completed to assess the protective measures that should be implemented to detect and deter criminals from targeting your business or home.  Once the risk assessment is completed, they also suggest install ing electronic cameras to control access and egress points for both businesses and homes. Install a robust alarm system with motion detectors and window break sensors. Also, lighting in parking lots is mandatory as well as intrusion lighting to discourage criminals from operating in the dark.
We always advise people to be prepared and observant of their surroundings.  For more ways you can be better prepared at home or at your business to prevent against potential crime, visit: