Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Technolink Spring 2017 Presidents' Forum Presentations

Thought-provoking presentations from the Technolink Spring 2017 Presidents' Forum are posted here for your viewing.
Thank you for making Technolink such a rich and inspiring community!

Lt. General Larry James
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
"Jet Propulsion Laboratory: Driving Exploration and Technology" 
Kevin McDonald
Alvaka Networks
"Deep Learning: The Natural Convergence of Technology and the Human Mind" 
Terry O'Neill
The O'Neill Company
"The Economic Outlook for 2017"
Kevin Peterson
P2S Engineering
"The Transformation of Infrastructure Will Require Technological Innovation"
Gregg Profozich
"The Brave New World of Manufacturing"
Frank Quiambao
Safe Communities Institute
Price School of Public Policy, USC
"A Rose Parade Experience: Straight from the Horse's Mouth"